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My Beautiful City of Oleksandriia in the Center of Ukraine

Kirovohrad Oblast in the Center of Ukraine

If you travel south of Kiev down to the center of Ukraine,  you will find yourself in Kirovohrad oblast (region), with the administrative center the city Kirovohrad. The oblast was created as a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on January 10, 1939. The size of this picturesque area is 24,600 km2 (9,498.11 sq mi), and the population (as of 2004-05-01) is 1.1 million.  There are about 246,000 people who chose to live in Kirovohrad.

My home town Oleksandriia serves as an administrative center of Oleksandriia district (raionin Ukrainian). It is the second largest city after Kirovohrad in the oblast.

Oleksandriia, Ukraine

Oleksandriia Emblem

The first settlement was established here in 1746, which was 266 years ago. It was a kozak settlement known as Usivka. Later in 1754, the Empress Elizabeth ordered the construction of the fortification on the banks of the river Ingul, used for defense of Southern Ukraine against the attacks of Turks and Crimean Tatars. That’s when the garrison of the fortress was established on the territory of the modern Oleksandriia, and was called Becheia. The Fortress of St. Elizabeth laid the foundation of the city Elisavetgrad – now Kirovohrad. In the end of 1700s Oleksandriia received its current name.

Oleksandriia Flag

My beautiful town is marked by its long history in many extraordinary ways. It is small and cozy, with only 96 900 people living here (in Ukraine, places like this are considered to be relatively small). There are several monuments, cultural establishments, 13 libraries, 2 museums, professional soccer stadium “Nika”, and many parks and lakes.

I am feeling the love these days for my pretty Oleksandriia, and I decided to share it with you. Enjoy! And come visit us soon!

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