Unusual buildings in Ukraine

Ukrainian architecture combines wide range of different styles- from baroque to postmodernism. There are many breathtaking buildings and structures, beautiful cathedrals, castles, churches, and theaters. But there are also some that awake our imagination and make us wonder. Here are just few unusual buildings in Ukraine. We have many more.

Kyiv, House with Chimaeras
Kyiv House with Chimaeras

Chernivtsi, Ship House
Chernovtsy Ship-House

Odessa, Wall-HouseOdessa Wall-House

Kyiv,  The House of Baron GildenbrandKyiv Baron Gildenbrand house

Lutsk, The House of Architect GolovanLutsk Architector's House 2

Kyiv, The House of the Weeping Widow
Kyiv Crying Widow house

Lviv, castle building on General Chuprinka Street
Lviv residential house-castle

Odessa, Forest Building
Forest-house in Chubaevka

Donetsk, hotel BonBonDonetsk Hotel Bon-Bon

Odessa, building with eclectic styleOdessa

Odessa, shapeless houseShapeless house in Odessa

Yalta, Druzhba SanatoriumYalta Druzhba sanatorium

Lviv, Crossword HouseLviv Crossword HouseAll the photos are taken from different online sources.

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    very nice I would like to see them!

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