That magic spark that doesn’t have a price tag

Happily Ever After?

Ukraine is a country of brides. Thousands of them are walking on the streets every day. And thousands of foreign men are coming to Ukraine every year in search of a perfect woman. Ukrainian women are known to be very feminine, elegant, caring, and family oriented, fit, and well educated. And the question is ‘is it that easy to find a potential wife in Ukraine? Can a Ukrainian woman be a mail-order bride in a traditional understanding?’

A lot of men still think that looking for a wife in Ukraine is as easy as shopping at the market. The idea of finding a wife overseas with a click of the mouse sounds very compelling to many foreign men. Most think that it is easy: just find the one you like, write few letters, propose, get married and live happily ever after. It’s like a prepackaged deal- all the goodies in one box. What could be easier? It could, and it probably was that way couple decades ago. But these days it is not that easy as some might secretly wish. This whole ordeal about Ukrainian online dating and marriage is very intricate. Why? Because we are living in the twenty first century. This is the age of opportunities for both men and women. Women have more freedom and more choice, and therefore they do choose and select carefully. Ukrainian women understand their value now, and of course they want the best of the best- Prince Charming, if you wish.

After Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and the doors to the West opened, women discovered a new way to invest into their future. They saw an opportunity to escape from the place where they lost all their savings, their jobs, and the hope for better life. Foreign men were so different from the ones back home. They were confident, financially stable and full of new opportunities.  “Mail-order bride business” spiked in 1990s. More men were coming to the former USSR to find feminine, family oriented women. Men got great wives, and women got caring husbands, and opportunities to have better lives. It was a win/win for everybody.

But as we all know, everything tends to change. Economies change, opportunities change, and women change too. Ukrainian women became more educated and self-sufficient. These days, young Ukrainian women often acquire two college degrees. Now, they know who they are and respect themselves. They don’t just look for an escape opportunity any more, but they look for a husband with a long list of good qualities. It’s not just the money anymore, it’s the entire package. And those men, who think that getting a Ukrainian wife is just a finger click away, are completely delusional. This misconception gets them in lots of trouble, both emotionally and financially. Dating a Ukrainian woman requires a lot of work, time, money, and effort. And of course simple, but at the same time so complicated chemistry, that magic spark that doesn’t have a price tag on it.

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One thought on “That magic spark that doesn’t have a price tag

  1. William

    Good on you, Galyna! Your message is exactly the way it is in most places in the former Soviet Union!! Hope you reach a lot of guys thinking all that they must do is “show up” and pick up their wife from a “lady line up”!!! No guys! You need to work on yourself first, then come to Ukraine with your mind open! Good luck to all!!

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