I miss you, Ukraine!

Ukrainian beautiful landscape

Today I miss Ukraine. My simple, hard to understand, sometimes forgotten, and unnoticed country. It’s rich in history and culture, traditions and a colorful folklore. Breathtaking landscapes, forests, fields…

Ukrainian countryside

It’s all in me, within my soul.

I think of golden fields and rivers crystal blue. I think of all the simple things you have, Ukraine. Your easy-walking-everywhere-streets, your not so easy-driving-broken-roads, that even make my husband curse. I heard they say that you have crazy drivers and bad roads- oh yes, you do. But even so, at least you are a walking-country, with easy hop on public transportation that helps me get around quickly. I love your cheap convenient trains that take me anywhere, anytime I want to go.

Mykhailivskyy Cathedral (St. Michael) in Kyiv

For $20 I can get an overnight adventure on the rails. For 25 cents (2 Hryvnia) I can enjoy your fast and lively metro. I also like to take a walk, and go through beautiful green parks. Then stop and look at golden domes of many of your Orthodox cathedrals, churches, chapels…

And when my stomach asks for fresh organic food I go to market that’s around every corner. The quality is great, and price is quite affordable for many. And either it is winter or it’s spring, there is a lush variety of fresh produce and dairy products too. I love Ukrainian cuisine. That’s where my heart and stomach are. They both approve my choice.

Galyna's home made "Syrnyky"

I always crave for certain things like “Borsch”/ “Borscht” (beet based soup), “Holubtsi” (cabbage rolls with meat and rice inside), “Varenyky” (stuffed dumplings), “Chicken Kiev” ( fried rolled chicken breast filled with garlic butter and herbs), “Syrnyky” (cheese pancakes- I’m truly addicted to these!), “Deruny” (potato pancakes), “Mlyntsi” (crepes filled with cottage cheese- my favorite, or meat, or mushrooms). Yum! Oh, and the cakes! The cakes in Ukraine are just seduction for sweet lovers. No need to say how popular “Kiev Cake” is with its two layers of meringue and hazelnuts, and butter cream like filling, and chocolate glaze. This is a favorite USSR cake. And everybody loves it.

Ukrainian National Opera House in Kiev

And when my stomach is full my soul is craving for some cultural and spiritual food. That’s when I choose ballet, or opera, or anything from cinemas, museums, galleries, amusement parks, or simply walking on the streets. Whatever my soul is craving at the moment. My list can go on and on.

My home town Oleksandriia, Ukraine

So, why I miss Ukraine today? I guess it’s simply due to rain. It rains today, and it reminds me of my world. My rainy country, my Ukraine. I miss my family that’s almost 6000 miles away from me, my friends that share the same passions that I do, and their happy smiles. I simply miss walking everywhere, enjoying fresh air, instead of air-conditioned car air flow. I miss many things. But I’m happy here.

Streets of Oleksandriia, Ukraine

I chose to live here. I chose this country because that’s where my life is, that’s where my husband is, my new big family, and new friends. It’s just the rain that takes my mind so far away. It’s just the rain that makes me think of you, Ukraine…

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5 thoughts on “I miss you, Ukraine!

  1. Galyna, I’m Ukrainian and it’s such a pleasure to read something like this. It’s geat you’re staying so passionate about your native country, traditions, people etc.

    Ще не вмерла України ні слава, ні воля!

  2. Maladetz. great atricle, It made me miss Ukraine more that I already do. GOD bless!

  3. Thank you for your kind words! Ukraine is a beautiful country! And I am happy to be Ukrainian!

  4. I miss it too, although I am not Ukrainian. Last year, my Viking and I drove from Belgium to Ukraine and spent two weeks exploring a part of the country. And although we had to get used to a different culture, we loved it! I will never forget the Odessa stair or Crimea!

  5. Beautiful photos…I would love to visit!

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