My American Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, and it feels warm and nice tonight with all the Christmas lights in the house. The table is full of tasty treats, the candles are beautifully lit, and the Christmas Tree is sparkling with all the bright lights. Time to put all the routine and troubles aside, and share joy and love with others!

Christmas Tree

Few years ago I never thought I would be celebrating Christmas in December. You see, I grew up in Ukraine. And in my part of the world we celebrate Christmas after New Year’s day, on January 7th. According to the ancient Julian calendar, Christmas was celebrated on December 25th. So, when Pope Gregory XIII introduced a new calendar on 24 February 1582, the Orthodox churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia, Poland, the Republic of Macedonia, and the Greek Old Calendarists didn’t except the change.  They still celebrate Christmas on December 25th according to the ancient Julian calendar, which is January 7th on Gregorian calendar (internationally accepted civil calendar) .

Christmas table setting

But now that I live in the United States, I get to celebrate Christmas twice. Even better, ha! First, with my American family and friends, according to American traditions, and second time with Orthodox traditions, and special Ukrainian meals. But we do share something very special. It’s Carol of the Bells. Once Ukrainian folk song and now beloved by all Americans Christmas song . More in my other post Ukrainian “Carol of the Bells”

Merry Christmas everyone! May you and your families be happy, and your homes be full of love and joy!

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2 thoughts on “My American Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you and William and may your New Year be filled with wonderful travels and new adventures.

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