World known film making equipment from Ukraine

Russian Arm

People all over the world use Ukrainian products, sometimes not even knowing that certain things are made in Ukraine. If I asked you, what do all these movies have in common: Titanic, Da Vinci Code, Mr. and Mrs. Smith? What would you say? Think for a moment. Don’t worry, most people wouldn’t guess.

These movies and many others were created with the help of Ukrainian equipment- camera remote systems.

Kiev based company FILMOTECHNIC is one of the most advanced camera equipment suppliers in the world. They  produce lightweight modular camera cranes “Cascade” and “Traveling Cascade”, gyro-stabilized remote systems Flight Head, gyro-stabilized camera cranes Russian Arm and others.

It all started in 1974 when young engineer Anatoliy Kokush developed his first camera crane. People were saying to him that nobody else was working on projects like that, that it was a waste of time. “You think you’re smarter than others, you think you can do it”, they were saying. But he did. He did make the camera fly, and became a successful inventor of high quality motion picture equipment.

He established his company in 1990. Now FILMOTECHNIC produces lightweight, easy maneuverable, quiet working camera cranes, and camera remote systems. Many highly qualified engineers work for FILMOTECHNIC, developing equipment that holds many international patents, and inventor’s certificates.

Oscar-winning Ukrainian cinematographer Anatoliy Kokush

In 2006 Anatoliy Kokush received 2 Oscar Scientific and Engineering Awards: 1. for the concept and development of the Russian Arm gyro-stabilized camera crane and the Flight Head (together with Yuriy Popovsky and Oleksiy Zolotarov), 2. for the concept and development of the Cascade series of motion picture cranes.

Anatoliy Kokush says that originally Russian Arm was called Autorobot. He noticed that when people were contacting “Filmotechnic” to order Autorobot, they would call it Russian Arm. Anatoliy notes that for Americans whatever comes from this part of the world is all Russian. That’s how Autorobot gyro-stabilized camera crane became now well known Russian Arm.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about check out this video about Filmotechnic

Here are some of the movies that were filmed with Filmotechnic’s cranes and remote systems:  Primary colors, TitanicMr. and Mrs. Smith, IslandWar of Worlds, Nanny McPhee, Da Vinci Code, X-men 3, The fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftTransformers, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Traitor, Time Traveler’s Wife, Chilled in Miami, Iron man 2, Transformers 2, Robin Hood, Salt, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  Yogi bear 3D, Killers (Five killers), and many others (more than 400 Ukrainian & Russian feature films). Commercials, music shows, sport events, etc also use Filmotechnic’s equipment.

Now when you will be watching great motion pictures, or one of Nike or Adidas, or even BMW commercials you’ll think of Ukraine, a beautiful country in Eastern Europe.

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